Miele SET220 Wand Button Repair Kit

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Miele SET220 Electric Wand Repair Kit.

  • Used lock and unlock the SET 220 Electric Telescopic Wand.
  • Included: pressure spring, button, casing, and clip.

Miele Wand Button Repair Kit

  • Miele 6151392 Push Button: Round push button made for releasing the telescopic tube with adjustable length.
  • Delivery: Included with this item is a pressure spring, button, casing and clip.
  • Replacement parts: Miele Original Spare Parts help you repair your favorite machines rather than throwing away the whole appliance, saving both money and resources.
  • Miele quality: Thanks to high-quality German engineering, Miele products are designed for reliable, long-lasting results that will help your machine reach its peak performance.
  • Easy and efficient: Complete with self-help videos online and a digital manual demonstrating how to replace the push button,. These spare parts are easy to install and long-lasting.

The repair kit is designed to repair damaged Wand Push Buttons for Miele Set220 Wands or other late Miele Electric Telewands using direct connect technology.

Note: If the white plastic carrier is broken, this part will not be a solution.