Miele Upholstery Tool: Standard

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Product Information:

Genuine standard original equipment upholstery nozzle for all Miele vacuum cleaners. This upholstery tool fits in the covered tool compartment for all S8/C3/S5/400/300/200 srs Miele Canister Vacs.
  • Hand nozzles and attachment accessories.
  • Tiltable nozzle for more flexible handling.
  • Red Thread and hair lifters.
  • Fits any Miele canister wand or S7 Upright wand.
  • Compatible with all Miele vacuum cleaners having covered tool storage. Sold with all models using separate tool caddies.
Gross weight per units: 0,063 kilogramme
Packaging size: 140mm x 47mm x 110mm
EAN: 4002515206324