PowerDisk All in 1, set of 12 discs


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GS SETD12/ 11841390
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PowerDisk All in 1, set of 12 discs Dishwasher detergent for superior cleaning in dishwashers with AutoDos
  • Miele's exclusive powder-granulate
  • Sparkling results – even with stubborn soiling
  • With active oxygen for thorough cleanliness
  • Automatic dispensing for approx. 1 month (20 cycles/disk)
  • Simply perfect dishwashing with Miele.
QUICKINTENSEWASH: The best cleaning in less than an hour
An unbeatable combination: the QuickIntenseWash program and the perfectly matching All in 1 UltraTabs achieve the best possible cleaning and drying results on normally soiled dishware in 58 minutes, just like the PowerDisk. These specially developed tabs only take 2–3 minutes to dissolve. Thus, the cleaning performance begins right at the start of the wash cycle.
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Environmentally friendly and recyclable

Our goal is to minimize the burden on the environment as much as possible. For this reason, our packaging, including our PowerDisk cups or the rinse-aid bottles, for example, is made from 100% recycled plastic. After being disposed of by consumers via a recycling system, the capsule pods are sorted, cleaned, and reprocessed into new plastic granules. These are used to make new packaging – a complete cycle to protect the environment.