SEB236 Electro Premium Powerbrush (Available for immediate delivery!)


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The ultimate upgrade. The SEB236 includes an LED headlight illuminating the dark areas when vacuuming behind furniture, dark hallways and under beds. The light helps spot trinkets you may want to save! The SEB236 offers the wider profile and features an aggressive brush suitable for most difficult carpet piles. The SEB236 automatically turns off the motor when setting the handle is the rest position. 
Electro Premium - Electric motor driven floorbrush, especially wide, for quick and deep cleaning of carpeting.
  • Motor-driven for evenly cleaning and brushing all depths of pile
  • Five-level height adjustment adapts to all carpet depths
  • Integrated lighting - no speck of dust remains undetected
  • Direct connection to retrofit appliance with electro suction hose
  • The electrically powered roller brush even removes stubborn dirt
Shipping specs: dimensions 14x5.x5x16"
7.72 lbs