Sebo G2 Essential Upright Vacuum 16" Cleaner Wide Track - Grey (display unit only)

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Sebo Essential G2 Upright Vacuum: display unit only

The Sebo Essential G2 Upright Vacuum contains a 1300 watt commercial-grade motor and has a 16 inch wide suction path, so you can clean your home as efficiently and effectively as possible. Other key features of this vacuum include:40' long power cord, 6 liter capacity dust bag, Protective rubber-coated wheels4 carpet height selection and Anti-allergy S-class filtration system. This vacuum is all about long-term usage, with a five year limited warranty from the manufacturer. It also comes with a belt that will hold up for the lifetime of the vacuum. Multi-Use Vacuum. With its wide cleaning path and impressive suction power, the Sebo Essential G2 Upright Vacuum is great for sucking up usually hard to pick-up pet hair. This product also includes three, on-board attachment tools: Dusting brush, Crevice nozzle, Upholstery nozzle. Using these attachments, in combination with the built-in 8 foot wire reinforced stretch hose and included extension wand, no piece of dirt or dust will be safe from the cleaning power of the Sebo G2 Upright Vacuum. Vacuum Safety Features: This vacuum from Sebo also has a number of design elements that make it portable and safe to use. If there's an obstruction on the brush, a clog, or the bag is full, the vacuum will automatically shut-off to prevent damage. The brush can be easily removed for cleaning to ensure it continues to work effectively. There are also indicator lights on the vacuum that will notify you if you're using the wrong carpet height setting, or if the brush is worn out. The vacuum won't damage any furniture, walls, or floors with its matte finish and bumper, and rubber-coated wheels. And transportation to and from the storage closet is easy with a carrying handle and rotating cord hook.