Fresh Wave 1.5 pints (24 fl. oz.) laundry booster

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1.5 pints (24 fl. oz.) laundry booster

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Laundry detergent not doing the job? Give your laundry detergent a boost and remove difficult, set-in odors from pet bedding, sports apparel, linens and more! Add 2 to 4 capfuls during the wash or rinse cycle—depending on the strength of the odors. When your laundry is are the odors. (Use with laundry detergent to remove odors.) Does your front-load washer stink? Fresh Wave can tackle that too! Wet a soft cloth with Laundry Booster. Wipe the rubber gasket, the door, and any other visible seals. Wipe dry. Smile. No more smelly washer.