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The power to heat or cool your space in a single product, pureComfort YEAR-ROUND combines a heater and a fan. For winter, it’s a 1500-watt positive temperature coefficient (PTC) heater with strong air flow. For summer, it’s a fan that powerfully moves air for circulation throughout the room. This advanced space heating and cooling system is 100% heater when you want warmth and 100% fan when you want cooling.

Safe for the whole family

pureComfort YEAR-ROUND’s sleek casing and bladeless airflow protect hands and paws from touching heating elements or dangerous blades. Avoid accidents with both tip-over and overheating automatic shut-off safety.


pureComfort YEAR-ROUND operates at a quiet 40 decibels for calm and peaceful white noise without intruding on your comfort.

Powerful airflow

pureComfort YEAR-ROUND moves air more quickly than traditional heaters or fans, keeping your room temperature consistent and comfortable.

Automatic oscillation and adjustable tilt

Circulate heat or fan-powered cool air throughout your entire room using 90° automatic oscillation and the unique 52.5° vertical tilt adjustments.

12 fan speeds

  • Customize your comfort with 12 individual fan speed settings, offering airflow from a gentle breeze to a steady wind and everything in between.
  • 9-hour shut-off timer
  • Use the convenient auto shut-off timer to manage room comfort at times when you are at rest or away.
  • Convenient controls - Includes remote
  • Control your functions with an intuitive touch screen or the handy remote.

PureComfort YEAR-ROUND combines into one what has traditionally required two separate appliances, a heater and a fan. As an all-in-one single appliance, for winter it is a 1500W PTC (positive thermal coefficient) heater with strong air flow. For summer, it is a powerful fan that thrusts directed air for circulation throughout the room. Each stands alone with its performance and functions. This unique and advanced space heating and cooling system is 100% heater when you want warmth and 100% fan when you want cool.


  • Dimensions: 13.75” H (349mm) x 10.75“ W (273mm)) x 10.25” D (260mm)
  • Weight: 7.8 lb (3.54kg)
  • Affected Area: 15ft Multi-Directional Airflow
  • Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty


  • PTC Heating Element


  • Power Input: 120VAC | 60Hz
  • Power Usage: 3.5 W – 1500 W
  • Useful 365 Days a Year
  • Whisper Quiet
  • Powerful Airflow
  • Safe Design
  • Remarkable Comfort
  • UPC: 817556020549


pureComfort YEAR-ROUND Spec Sheet

pureComfort YEAR-ROUND Owner's Manual

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