Greentech PureHeat PureHeat Snug W/Power Cord - NLA


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Take the chill off those cold wintry mornings with cozy, comfortable, targeted warmth. pureHeat SNUG is the perfect way to discreetly heat any small space in your home or office. Waste no space warming up when you mount pureHeat SNUG directly onto your wall outlet, allowing you to enjoy warmth without sacrificing valuable floor space. Even though pureHeat SNUG puts out an amazing amount of heat, the outer case will always remain cool to the touch, protecting children and pets from burns. With pureHeat SNUG’s Automatic Shut-Off Timer, you don’t have to worry about remembering to turn the heater off when you’re done. Simply program how long you want it to run and enjoy the warmth! Save energy and money by heating only the areas you’re using. You don’t have to sacrifice comfort to save money this winter with pureHeat SNUG!

  • Cordless and Compact: pureHeat SNUG's compact and lightweight size allows it to fit snugly onto your wall which eliminates the need for cords that can clutter a room or space
  • Warmth for Any Room: Heating any room, no matter how big or small, is simple because pureHeat SNUG only requires an available wall outlet - not valuable floor space
  • Provides Spare Electrical Outlets: Don't sweat using an entire electrical outlet for pureHeat SNUG, because there are two additional receptacles on the sides for your convenience
  • Auto Shut-Off Timer: You don't have to remember to pureHeat SNUG off before you leave the room because it will automatically shut off after running for a pre-programmed amount of time
  • Superior Heating Technology: pureHeat SNUG's PTC heating element will not break or wear out and is self-regulating to avoid getting excessively hot
  • Safe-to-Touch Housing: The housing of pureHeat SNUG is safe to touch, even after running for several hours, making it ideal for use around children and pets


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